Best Car for Road Trip? Toyota Sienta Is The Answer

When you want to find the best car for road trip in 24 car rental, there will be so many suggestions. We should know that the type of vehicle is always attached to its main function. For example a vehicle with a city car type, usually designed with a concise, relatively small size and machines, which are not large. It all fits in with its main function that it can move swiftly on urban streets. Of course this city car design will be far different from the multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV) and sport utility vehicle (SUV). From those types, MPV might be the best choice for road trip because of its large size and its design.

Why MPV?

In MPV, the main features are more for larger payloads. Most MPVs are designed to be able to carry 7 passengers at a time. The seat at the back can also be folded to get more storage space. As for the SUV, the most striking thing that can be seen from the design is the high ground clearance with great power. Indeed this type of car is a formidable vehicle on various terrains, both off-road and on road. Toyota’s multi-activity vehicle (MAV) through its new product, Toyota Sienta, introduces a new type of vehicle that is multi-activity vehicle (MAV) or multi-activity. Actually, this type of function is no different from a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). But the functional design that is packaged nicely by the giant car manufacturer in the world makes the user can do various activities with this vehicle.

Toyota Sienta

A multi-purpose vehicle like the Toyota Sienta can have three rows of seats and can carry 7 people at a time. However, in contrast to multi-purpose vehicles where seats in the third row can only be folded, in Sienta the third row seats can be tucked under the second row seats with dive-in seat features. Then, what are the other features that can be good for road trip?

  • It of course, provides a larger and more flat storage space than if the third row seats are simply folded. Plus the body design of the back of the upper part of the box adds more and more items to support a variety of motorist activities. Not only storage space, embedded power sliding door feature makes it easy for users to enter and remove passengers or goods.
  • It has multi functional door too. The sliding door feature does provide a larger space when compared to doors in general. The Toyota Sienta sliding door feature is also very safe for passengers, especially young children. When there are objects, or hands, until other limbs are blocking, the sensor will work so that it does not close immediately and will not be pinched. Not only that, sliding doors can help users when they have to park a vehicle in a narrow space. Because, the door opens by sliding, not open out. Thus passengers can get in and out freely even in tight spaces.

This combination makes Sienta as a car that can accommodate all activities. Ranging from urban activities in the capital, to holidays with families who need lots of space to bring a variety of equipment.